Should I buy that coastal holiday house?

Welcome to 2024, I hope everyone is having or has had a grand ol’ break, I think after 2023 we all needed it. From a property perspective, there is little that happens over the summer break. This is really the only time of year that the market comes to a full stop, except of course […]

Will there be any funding gifts this Christmas?

December 1 is the first day of summer, and for most of us, the countdown to Christmas has begun. Have you set up your Christmas tree yet? Will it be a real tree or a fake one? Mine is real, and in an effort to bring this year to a close, I got mine up […]

Visions of the future

This month, the minds of planning and property are descending on Geelong to discuss the future of Geelong and what it looks like from different perspectives. The Property Council of Australia (PCA) held their summit on Friday last week with the topic “Unlock the future of Geelong”, the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) will […]

Startling verbal calamity, blah, just good times ahead

Things are starting to heat up in the Geelong and Surf Coast property markets in recent weeks. Last weekend’s auction results across the region averaged 65% with some 47 properties changing hands on the weekend of October 7th. Listing numbers across the region have also increased with data suggesting an increase of 12% in listing […]

Solving Victoria’s housing crisis

This week, Premier Daniel Andrews announced the Victorian Housing Statement (VHS). For those a little too busy to peruse the entire 44-page document, I can attest it’s actually a worthy and impressive document. It is chock-full of good ideas and good intensions! If half of them are implemented, we might actually see some long-needed improvement […]

How to fix our housing supply crisis

There is a lot of noise lately about housing supply with the national cabinet meeting on August 16 to discuss the crisis and later releasing a statement it had set an ambitious target to build 1.2 million new “well-located” homes in five years from July 1, 2024. Nationally, total dwellings approvals are down 7.7 per […]

The property poker game

There are a lot of forces playing in the perpetual poker game that is property. Undoubtedly the biggest player to date has been inflation. Forcing the Reserve Bank (RBA) to up interest rates, inflation has been a dominate force that will just not be tamed. But thankfully, Inflation might have run out of chips! Throughout […]

A changing world

I’m not sure how many of my readers have been following the war in Ukraine, but I am sure by now you are all aware of the potential coup that almost happened on Friday evening in Russia. As those events played out, it was like watching the script of a new blockbuster movie, or perhaps […]

PROPped by the Bar – Ep 21. Special guest Brett D’Souza

This episode on PROPped by the Bar we meet Brett D’Souza who’s trying an innovative way to sell his Brunswick home…without a real estate agent and with lots of funny YouTube videos. Will it work? Find out the story behind this unique property sale that’s currently on the market now. There is also an update […]